Colts, Crinolines, and Conspiracies

The Second Life and times of Jedburgh Dagger

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[NB] Closing the books
You could tell it was fall. The wind whipped cold across Iron Bay, sending the familiar chill of impending winter over the Gut. The runner knelt at the pier where the body now lay, while the tall redhead adjusted the collar of her peacoat against the wind. Her skirt whipped against the petticoat, and she grumbled as she tugged it back into place.

"Next time Jenkins, I’m putting on trousers."

The young man smiles at the Commodore. Jed however was already focused on the sodden body that now lay on the planking of the pier. The runner was still in a slight state of shock at the condition of the body, for even as his duties brought him in contact with the dead and victimized in the city he had not seen one in this state. It was a female, dressed in the silken finery of those foreign refugees that had arrived a few months ago on New Babbage’s shores from the East. The majority of them had moved on again, en masse, and apparently they had decided to complete some of their own business before leaving.

The body was finely formed, and there was no doubt that she had been a person of some importance in their culture. Her face was a mystery, as her head had been neatly hewn from her shoulders, as well as both her hands. The only jewelry that remained was an ornately worked coin belt around her waist and a golden anklet.

Young Jenkins looked up at Jed with a worried look. "Any idea who she may be?"

Jed rolled the body over, and moved the silken wrap aside, exposing the corpse’s midriff. The answer was there, in the form of two nearly healed bullet wounds. He looked at the woman’s eyes, and noticed that they were more of a steely blue than he’d seen since becoming an employee of the agency. She removed the jewelry, placed it into her pocket, and stood.

Jed took a long look out across the water, and turned back to the young man. She handed him two guineas, and he accepted the coins.

"I would suppose she’s the last bit of unfinished business those people left here. Take her to Dr Miggins, and give him the money to see to the body in potter’s field. I’ll be back at the office in a bit if you need me."

She put on her sunglasses, and walked off towards her office, and for a moment, he heard the words of a song the redhead was singing low and to herself..."Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish Ladies..."


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